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Natural Deodorant | Tangerine Mint

Natural Deodorant | Tangerine Mint

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TANGERINE + MINT: No synthetic fragrance. An ultra-fresh blend of Tangerine, Orange, and Peppermint essential oil for an uplifting scent and some cooling action.

**Word of caution: This deo is formulated with Orange Essential Oil and other oils rich in color, cocoa butter, and coconut oils. It MAY stain light-colored shirts, so I wouldn't wear it with your favorite crisp white shirt ;) 

Switching to a natural deodorant from a commercially made aluminum one can be a challenge. This is an odor-reducing, bacteria-fighting balm. It may take some getting used to, but your body will thank you. Typically, there is a 1-2 week detox period.

      Made in small batches in MN.

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